Facebook Unavailable – Day 7

by David on October 11, 2009

It has been seven days–a full week– since I have been able to log into Facebook. Facebook’s additional help status paragraph is shown below:

Facebook Unavailable additional help

Several days? It’s been a week! I know there are millions of satisfied users. I am one of them. But at the moment, my satisfaction is, let’s just say, waning. I guess at the moment I would have to place a checkmark in the “Extremely Dissatisfied” box. Please do not argue with me that Facebook is free. I’ve read the book, and free does not necessarily mean that nobody’s making money.

As I mentioned in my first post (4 days into the problem… before Facebook acknowledged that there was a problem), this has bolstered my concern for Cloud Computing. I’m not saying that I don’t trust Cloud Computing. No, not at all. All I am pointing out is that in order to successfully utilize Cloud Computing, you need to make sure that you know with whom you are dealing. And you need to know what level of service you are buying. Pretty obvious stuff. I know. But my Facebook experience is reminding me that if I am going to depend upon another provider for mission-critical services, I want to be able to get issues resolved immediately, if not sooner! I want to know that I have hired an army of IT professionals to take care of my business.

It’s past time, now Facebook. Let’s get it together!

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