Facebook Unavailable – Day 6

October 10, 2009

Okay… Facebook has not allowed me to log in to my account for 6 days now. As you can see, they are calling it a bug. (See the last line of the pink box below): Cloud Computing Are you using Cloud Computing or Cloud Storage provided by a third party to supply your business with […]

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Facebook Unavailable – Day 5

October 9, 2009

This is the 5th day that my Facebook account has been unavailable due to site maintenance issues. The difference today is that Facebook has confessed that the problem is lasting longer than expected. The lack of communication up until this point, combined with the fact that I know of other Facebook users that have not […]

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Facebook Unavailable and the Perils of Cloud Computing

October 8, 2009

[Authors note: Today’s date is October 12, 2009, the 8th day after the outage, and my Facebook account is now available]. Please see my post Facebook Available on the 8th Day! So far, my Facebook account has been “unavailable” for 4 days. Right off the bat, I must tell you that I understand that Facebook […]

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Snow Leopard: Easy on the Hard Drive

June 10, 2009

Snow Leopard Refined This week Apple, Inc. announced many enhancements and refinements to Mac OS X, dubbing the latest version “Snow Leopard.” And with it come some pretty cool refinements to hard drive usage, storage, backup and energy savings. Backups through Time Machine, Mac OS X’s built-in backup solution (which came with Leopard), have been […]

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New External Hard Drive for Mac (and Windows)

June 7, 2009

Portable External Hard Drive Iomega just announced a Mac-compatible external hard drive, the Iomega® eGo™ Portable Hard Drive. This portable hard drive, made of aluminum, has a stylish design. It is rugged and comes with software to increase its usability. It is backed with a three-year limited warranty. This new portable drive has three connector […]

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