Self Storage Tips Part 1: Month to Month

by David on March 23, 2011

Month to Month Self Storage

The first tip in this series is this: self storage is usually a month-to-month business. We are not speaking for any storage facility, but the majority of self storage businesses that we’re familiar with offer their units on a monthly basis. This keeps your commitment manageable. You can move out at any time and not owe more than one month’s rent. [Be sure to check the details of the facility you rent from; contracts vary from storage facility to facility. For example, some require more than a month’s notice to move out].

What Does This Mean?

You can get the extra space you need for a month at a time: no long commitment, no long term payments. Pay for the space you need for the time you need it. This does not mean that there are no contracts. There will be an agreement to sign, spelling out the details and terms. But in most cases, if you give proper notice, you can move out any month you desire.

Business Tip

This tip is especially great for the small business. If you need space for temporary inventory fluctuations, self storage can be the best way to manage your needs. Some months you need more space, other months you don’t need as much. Shrink or grow as you need.

Selling Your Home Tip

This tip is perfect for selling your home. As you have probably seen on the television shows that tell you how to prepare your home for sale, de-cluttering is a big plus in making your home more desirable.

Moving Tip

Keeping your things in storage for a month or two as you move can ease the details. For example, you might consider putting boxes in storage until you’re ready to unpack them in your new home. Unpack as slowly as you wish, putting things in their place and emptying out your storage unit. When you’re all done unpacking, you may still have a few things to leave in storage. No problem, just downsize units. Most facilities will be happy to keep you as a customer, they will be happy to find a smaller unit for you as your needs change.

Make It Work For You

You can make self storage work for you. As you need for storage changes, either more or less space, your month-to-month commitment means you can keep your rent as flexible as you need it to be.

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